One of the powerful aspects of the Salesforce platform are the Release Updates every 4 months. A mix of updates and new features. Whether you are a Salesforce End user, Admin or Developer, every release update has something included that might benefit you. In this blog post I highlight my top 5 release features. Enjoy reading.


1. Custom Address Field

Want to add an extra address field on a standard or custom object? You now no longer need to use text fields to store the information, you can use the standard Salesforce address field type.  Thanks to this field type, all address information can be stored in one grouped field, and you can use the Google address functionality to look up an address.

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(this feature will first be release in beta)


2. Dynamic Related Lists

Ever wanted to show a filtered related list on a record or home page? With the dynamic related list, you can answer this requirement. Show for example only the open cases on an account's record page.

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3. Limit number of records in a report

Let’s say you only want to show your top 10 opportunities based on the amount. With the new “row limit” functionality, you can achieve this. Sort your report on a field and the “row limit” function will be available.

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4. Report creation enhancement

As explained in my previous release blog, the report creation screen has been redesigned and enhancement with a new functionality to hide report types. The functionality is still in beta , but with the summer 22 release, you no longer have to request Salesforce support to activate this feature.

(released as beta)  

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5. Slack Integrations

In 2021 Salesforce officially acquired Slack. Slack is a new way to communicate with your team. It's faster, better organized, and more secure than email. But it does not end there. It allows you to link different tools and applications to your workspace. All insights in one place. Say hi to your Digital Headquarters. In these release, we highlight the Salesforce apps for slack. 

You can trust Cloud Innovation to help you with your Slack workspace configuration and setup.

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This was just a small selection of the wide range of new features. Check the release notes to learn more about the Summer ‘22 release for your Salesforce org or contact us.

 Read the summer ‘22 Release Notes here.