Here at Cloud Innovation everyone looks forward to the annual ski trip. Since I’ve never been on such a work-related trip, I was very curious on how this would work out. There were stories and rumours; some were true, others exaggerated. But there was one aspect they all shared; Awesomeness! 

The Ride

Our trip starts on a typical Friday afternoon at the office, most of us were already in the mood for the ski trip, so the atmosphere was quite loose and people were excited. A little example by what I mean with ‘quite loose’; Emiel brought his Vuvuzela and blew that damned thing every so often throughout the day. It already set the tone for how the bus ride would be. After stocking up at the supermarket, we were ready for our 12h bus ride to South Tirol. 

So what can you expect of a 12h bus ride to a ski domain with your colleagues on a friday evening? Music, Vuvuzelas, semi-cold drinks and lots of laughter. Off to the mountain we went!

As most bus rides go, some went to sleep earlier than others. By the time 4am came around, most of us were already sleeping in anticipation of our arrival.


The Ski

We arrived around 9am in the morning with a stiff back and a slight hangover (for some) at Hotel Steinpent in South-Tirol. You would imagine a nice snowy environment with cold wind and a warm sun, but unfortunately that wasn’t entirely the case this late in the season. We arrived in quite nice weather, hot sun and a very green environment. Wondering whether we were going on a hiking trip instead of a ski trip. Nevertheless, I can assure you, everyone was very happy to see that breakfast was already awaiting our arrival. And thus we enjoyed breakfast with a hot cup of coffee and cocoa, to recover and plan our day.

Without too much delay, we suited up and left with the bus to the ski station to get our gear. Gearing up with our ski’s, snowboards, and lot’s of sunscreen, we were ready to conquer those mountains. 

To our surprise, even though the environment was green and the sun made it seem like summer, at the top of the ski-lift we did have some great snow. Which resulted in the ideal ski trip; hot sun, clear weather and fresh snow! Several groups were formed based on experience and skills, and off we went for an intensive day of exploration, excitement and fun.

The Aprés-Ski 

What’s better than after a long day on the bus and discovering the slopes than to have a good après-ski? DJ Ötzi’s Gipfeltour! To our surprise the ski domain of Klausberg was preparing a stage for him for his latest tour. What a great atmosphere on Anton aus Tirol and Sweet Caroline! Talk about a happy coincidence!

On Sunday evening, after another great day on the slopes and fully recovered from the initial bus ride, we went to the place to be; the Hexenkessel. We had skiing, we had the après-ski, but a ski trip wouldn’t be successful if there wasn’t a little party as well. 

The pub was empty when we arrived, and was the same way when we left. Meaning, we had the whole place to ourselves! Sometimes you would think that’s a bummer, but not in our case. The atmosphere amongst the colleagues is great and during that evening in particular you would have noticed that. They will certainly remember our passage for some time to come! 


Ride Home


A 3-day ski trip with lots of skiing, a good amount of après-ski and one party did take its toll, though. After having dinner at our hotel, we packed our stuff and left. The ride home was very smooth… for the bus drivers. Everyone was tired and looking forward to sleep in anticipation of a working day on Tuesday (the unfortunate ones who didn’t take a day off). That being said, everyone is already very impatient for the next edition!

So now we have new stories and rumours, some are true and others exaggerated, but I can assure you that they all have one thing in common; Awesomeness.

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