What they're up against


Multi-generational work has shaped this family business. Currently, the fourth generation of the family is at the helm with CEO Frédéric Cras. The knowledge built up over the years is in each of Cras' ​​products and forms the basis of their service. The company has its own import department, an extensive production base and a distribution network of 16 branches. These branches are for wood craftsmen and consumers who are looking for sustainable solutions for their project.

The company is in a fairly traditional market that has also been subject to significant changes in recent years. The role of the sales advisor shifts from pure sales to sharing expertise with the customer. In addition, traditional industries, such as construction, do not escape the digitization that brings lots of opportunities but also requires all processes to be faster and more efficient. 

Administration or complicated processes often take too much time. The sales advisor must be given maximum support in this task by streamlining data and processes and making them very easy to access, even while on the road. As an expert, it is important for the advisor to be able to focus on the customer and the products. One of the challenges was to analyze all the existing data in order to focus on the right deals at the right time. In this way, the customer gets an optimal follow up experience and a sales advisor closes more deals.

How we want to tackle the challenges


Cras was looking for a solution that would help them grow and connect to other existing data sources so that information can be consulted in a centralized manner. With Salesforce they have chosen the right solution. 

In their Salesforce implementation partner, they were looking for a company that had knowledge and experience in B2B sales management and went further than just implementing the CRM solution. A partner who critically analyzes existing procedures and helps transform them. Right up our alley thanks to our experience in Sales and Visits management.

The setup we delivered at Cras consists of a combination of Salesforce standard solution and our own Cloud Innovation accelerators. We would like to explain them to you:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud contains all standard functionalities to support a sales organization smoothly and to maximize its profitability. From managing customers and prospects to opportunities, lead management, activity management, forecasts and reports and dashboards. All on the most intuitive CRM platform on the market, Salesforce.
  • With the Salesforce Maps solution, we map all data from Salesforce geographically. How do I best plan my various appointments so that I have to make minimal trips? In which regions are we strong? These issues can be answered by Salesforce Maps perfectly. 
  • The icing on the cake? Our Cloud Innovation solution for Visit management: Visit 360. We extend the standard functionalities of Sales Cloud with this solution. We provide management and sales staff with insight into the visiting priority of customers, thanks to objectives important topics, to be discussed with the customer, are not overlooked and visit reports provide even more insight into what is going on. This really puts the customer first.

In addition to the system functionalities, we went through an extensive coaching traject together with Cras. We have helped the employees on their way in the digital transformation and coached them to have their daily job supported by Salesforce. No boring training sessions, but hands-on sessions. An approach that has already proven its added value in various projects.

What are the benefits


Thanks to Salesforce and our Visit 360 solution , the Sales employees of Cras have accurate information available on 1 platform, Salesforce. This solution ensures that they have better insight into their customers, spend less time on administration and more on their core business, Sales. 

The mobile application supports the sales advisor in carrying out customer visits.

Thanks to simple data input and validation, reporting and marketing segmentation has become easy and straightforward.

Looking to the future, Cras will only see an increase in benefits when additional departments and external solutions are integrated. Salesforce and Cloud Innovation is therefore a long-term partnership for Cras.



How we managed the project

Project Approach

Cloud Innovation challenged Cras during the project to critically review existing processes and transform where necessary. 

During a thorough analysis, the working methods and requirements of Cras were well mapped. Together with the project team and key users, the environment was set up with a maximum user-friendliness approach. List views, In App Guidance and flows are used. 

User adoption is central to the project. An extensive coaching traject was set up. A number of enthusiastic voluntary key users were called in as ambassadors to support colleagues in their first steps on the Salesforce platform. User feedback was collected and processed through Salesforce Chatter.

Thanks to this intensive adoption process, there are more and more ambassadors for Salesforce and the added value of the tool is also measurable and tangible for all users.

The delivery of the project did not end the collaboration with Cras, on the contrary. Cloud Innovation committed to continue to support Cras in their digital transformation by growing them on the Salesforce platform.


For us it was a pleasant and constructive way of working with Cloud Innovation. A good balance between technical knowledge and understanding of the business. Promises and timing were dealt with in a correct way.

- Dirk Van Houwe, CTO