Do you sometimes spend hours solving a problem or adding a feature, but Salesforce simply doesn't want to cooperate? Then I have the solution for all your frustrations. This wonderful digital world offers so many possibilities to store and bury these frustrations. So let's go out together and pave our way between all possible information channels such as Trailhead, Trailblazer Community, YouTube, etc.


Google is your best friend

It sometimes seems so obvious, but we do not immediately consult the easiest channel. Google is therefore our online encyclopedia to eliminate a lot of frustrations. When entering the term "Salesforce" I get 101,000,000 results in a matter of seconds. Imagine how quickly you can find an answer to your problem by simply entering a few search terms in Google. By using Salesforce terminology, which you can easily learn via Trailhead, related results will immediately appear on your screen. If you receive a certain error message on your Salesforce platform, you can also copy it into Google.

Google gives you a laundry list of possible channels to find your solution. I am happy to help you through that laundry list and introduce you to some sources full of Salesforce know-how.


Earn badges and walk with the trophy

Salesforce has developed an interactive platform where you get to know all the corners and sides of the Salesforce platform, namely Trailhead. By using the search bar on the Trailhead website, you can easily look for a solution to your problem. Find the appropriate trail or module and get started. And psssst, after earning your badge and points, a leap of joy with confetti is definitely in place. You've earned it, because whoever takes matters into their own hands can certainly be rewarded.

Are you not yet familiar with Trailhead? No problem, Nathan is happy to take you along in the Trailhead story. Go on an adventure and become the Trailblazer of your organization!


The Trailblazer community

Salesforce is used by millions of people worldwide. So it can happen that someone has experienced your problem before. Through the trailblazer community, Salesforce has created a platform where everyone can go with questions that are answered by other community members. Under the motto of "sharing is caring" you can consult your Salesforce colleagues. Take a look at Salesforce's Trailblazer Community. You can also consult the Community via Google. The link to the Trailblazer Community is often at the top of the search results. This way you will immediately be directed to the correct page.

The Salesforce MVPs

Due to the large size of the Salesforce Community, several star players are elected MVP of Salesforce every year. These are the people with excellent knowledge of Salesforce, the platform has no secrets for them. Because of this excellent knowledge, they are always ready to assist other Salesforce members with tips and tricks. Here are some MVPs that have set up a blog. Take a look and who knows you can answer all your questions here:


Your own community

You are probably not the only person within your organization who will work with the platform. Who knows, one of your colleagues may have already experienced this problem and therefore found the right solution. Post your problem on Chatter or visit a few colleagues in person. Find the Salesforce miracle of your company and you can get started.

A small tip: make sure the information is not lost. Create a place to bundle all your information for the future. This can easily be done with the help of Chatter Groups in Salesforce.


The "How to ... in Salesforce" playlist

Do you first have to see something before you can get started? For those who are visually oriented, I can recommend the possibilities of Salesforce on YouTube. Salesforce has set up its own channel, where more than 1 500 videos are currently online. Based on video clips, they take you step by step to the solution for your problem. Scroll through the playlist on their channel and search for the appropriate clip.

I recently introduced you to a few Salesforce MVPs. Some make blogs, others start blogging. On YouTube you can find many different channels of MVPs that want to share their knowledge with you.


Cloud Innovation’s support team

After reading the above channels, are you still in your hair and can't find the solution online? No worries! Our team of experienced consultants are happy to help you further. Together we analyze the problem and look for an appropriate solution. Contact us at and take a step towards your Customer Success!