While summer is referred to as a vacation period, for Salesforce it is one of the busiest times of the year. Late August they traditionally launch the Winter release preview. Our Customer Success Manager Stijn Zeebroek highlighted 5 features that will significantly improve the user experience and adoption.

1. Your account

Looking for an easy way to find all your Salesforce billing account and contract details? Want to order new licenses? Use the “Your Account” app. 



2. Inline editing in reports, enhancements

With the last release, Salesforce launched the long waited Inline Editing of reports as a beta. The feature is now General Available as from Winter ‘22 and the date, picklist, and lookup fields are now supported.



3. Flow enhancements

No Salesforce release without flow enhancements. I would like to highlight my favorite one: button customization. The buttons in a screen flow were limited to the default labels “Pause” “Previous” “Next” and “Finish”. With the Winter ‘22 release, you can customize the labels to meet the specific needs of your flows. 

(released as beta)  


More flow enhancements: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=release-notes.rn_automate_flow_builder.htm&type=5&release=234


4. myTrailhead content permissions

It’s already 2 years after Salesforce launched myTrailhead, the groundbreaking Salesforce native e-learning platform for your own learning content. The content created was shared with all your internal and external uses. Winter ‘22 release adds a layer of sharing permission with “Content Permission”. You can assign content to users or a specific group of users. 


5. Send e-mails to a list via your Office 365 or Gmail account

Salesforce already allows you to send emails to your contacts or leads from the platform via your Office 365 or Gmail account. Your recipient won’t see any shady “no-reply” from or “send on behalf of”. Your mails are less likely to be marked as spam, and you can find the mails in your “sent items”. While this feature was limited tot 1-1 mails, the new release opens up the feature to listview e-mails. 

Send through Gmail Send through Office 365

(released as pilot)


More information on sending mails from list view: https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.email_list_email_create.htm&type=5

This was just a small selection of the wide range of new features. Check the release notes to learn more about the Winter ‘22 release for your Salesforce org or contact us.

Read the Winter ‘22 Release Notes here.