After 18 months of impatiently waiting, we finally got the chance to go on a trip with the whole team. Each year we organise 4 events: a skitrip, summer BBQ, Teambuilding weekend and a christmas party, but due to the pandemic it wasn’t possible to meet up with everybody. So after 1,5 year of a global pandemic, the time was right and we didn’t hold back. We went on a 5-day trip to the picturesque Costa Volpino in Bergamo, Italy. And boy, were our 27 Cloudblazers happy to join! Interested to know what we did during those 5 days? Keep on reading, because we had an awesome time! 


Day 1: Travelling to Costa Volpino

Very early in the morning we all gathered at Brussels Airport Zaventem to catch our flight to Milan Linate Airport. It was crazy to see all 27 Cloudblazers together, even more exciting for the 10 people who hadn’t  yet experienced a teambuilding at Cloud Innovation. After a 1h30m flight and bus trip we arrived at the beautiful Chalet Ai Ciar, up in the mountains of Bergamo in Costa Volpino. We took the time to explore the house, outside area and got together for a delicious meal and small party. 


Day 2: Hiking up to Magnolini Hill 

After a little sleep-in and delicious brunch, we started a very steep hike up to Magnolini Hill. We climbed for more than 6 km with a 930m height difference (yes, this was crazy, but also very rewarding!). I can tell you that the climb was very tough, but nothing we can’t do as a team. At the top, the view wasn’t as expected due to the fog but we were so proud of ourselves for reaching our destination. After a steep descent, a shower and delicious food we ended the night with some board games. 


Day 3: Bike trip and Franciacorta Wine Tasting 

We started the day with an awesome downhill mountain bike ride and a 40 km tour around the Iseo Lake. Luckily we had e-bikes, so we could encounter those hills and still enjoy the pretty view. We took a break at Lago Moro and enjoyed a short swim to cool down. 


In the evening we got an interesting tour in a local winery which produces Franciacorta sparkling wine. After tasting their delicious wines, we took a seat at a beautiful table for a delicious 3 course dinner. 


Day 4: Teambuilding Games at Lago Moro 

After the various sports activities it was time to play some games to get to know the team better. In 1,5 years, we have welcomed 10(!) new Cloudblazers to our team and we took the opportunity to let the new employees introduce themselves in a fun way. So we went back to the beautiful lake from our bike trip and played a business version of Time’s Up, ranking everybody in different categories (age, seniority, alphabetically…) and many more fun games. To close off this awesome day, some Cloudblazers organised our very own ‘Ter Land, ter Zee & in The Cloud’ game. Congrats to team ‘Koeroekoeroekoeroe’ who proved to be the overall best team throughout all the different challenges. 


Day 5: Visiting Milan

To end our awesome trip, we strolled around the beautiful city of Milan. By walking through the pretty streets, being mesmerized by the Duomo and enjoying the delicious Italian food we closed off our teambuilding in a great way. 


Wow, what trip it has been! We all had an amazing time and really got to know each other so much better. Being closer as a team, we’re all ready to use this renewed energy and get back to work with our amazing customers! And you know what? In less than 5 months we are on our way to Valmeinier France for our annual ski trip. We can start counting the days!