With the beginning of the year,I would like to give you an early insight into the upcoming Salesforce Spring '21 release. I highlighted 5 features that significantly improve the user experience and adoption.


1. Flow? Flows!

Process automation can be a real win for user adoption. That’s the main reason why Salesforce goes all in with extending the Salesforce flow functionalities. Are you new to flows? Read this article: https://sforce.co/2Llwzu2

For those who are already familiar with flows, I would like to share my 2 favorite updates. Let’s start with ‘multi-column layout’. This functionality allows you to divide a flow screen in multiple sections. Huge improvement on visibility.  (This feature  is currently in beta stage).

A second feature worth mentioning is “Prior Values”. You can now check on the previous value of a record before you make a decision. For example, “only run this flow if the account is changed from account type “prospect” to “customer””.

(printscreen of the multi-column feature)



2. Manual record sharing

Do you want to give your users the ability to manual share a record? This now can be enabled in Lightning Experience. The Share button overrides all implemented visibility and sharing settings. Talk to us before enabling this feature, so we can investigate together the impact.



3. Salesforce meetings

Having all the right information and insights in one place might help you on making the right decisions and asking the right questions during your meeting and their preparations. “Salesforce Meetings” is the place to be for this content. Add it as an extra tab on your events to reveal the information powered by Einstein.

(feature in beta)



4. Add multiple fields at once on a report

Need to add multiple fields to a report? You can now select all the fields you want to add to your report while holding down the shift key and or ctrl/command key. When you made your selection you can drag and drop all the fields to the report. #timessaver!



5. Trailhead Learning Experience Inside your org.

Most of you already know Salesforce Trailhead, the intuitive free Salesforce learning tool that helps you to discover and learn the Salesforce platform. You can extend the content on Trailhead with your own company related learning topics thanks to the MyTrailhead solution.

From the Spring “21 release you can now set up a learning path for your users from within your own Salesforce org displaying both Trailhead and Mytrailhead content

(this feature is in beta)

This was just a small selection of the wide range of new features. Check the release notes to learn more about the Spring ‘21 release for your Salesforce org or contact us.

Read the Spring '21 Release Notes here.