At Cloud Innovation, we try to be as transparent as possible throughout a project.  We do this by hosting regular status meetings, well defined project teams, structured communication through a single point of contact, and our customer portal. With  the Spring ’21 Community Cloud was renamed to Experience Cloud, and we saw an opportunity to revamp our client portal. Our goal:  to provide clients with a platform where they can track projects, cases, invoices, contracts, any engagement they have with Cloud Innovation.

Still don’t know what this customer portal is? Read up on the possibilities here.




Let’s have a look

While the old portal only really contributed to the ability for a client to follow up on a case or invoice, our clients will now also have realtime information about progress of a project and have the ability to collaborate on project work items. Allow me to explain. 


Projects, Sprints & Work Items

In an Agile methodology, projects are usually broken down into sprints and work items. The status of each work item is tracked and shared with our client. If more information is needed, a follow-up meeting is required, or documents need to be shared regarding a work item, it can all be done through the new Projects tab.


Support Cases

All our clients have change requests regarding their existing functions or want to explore new features. This is where case management comes into play. Through the support tab, a new case can be submitted and existing cases can be managed. You can also see a history of cases that have been logged by your colleagues and team members.


Manager functions

As a manager you want access to information about the partnership you and Cloud Innovation have. In addition to invoices we have also integrated contracts, entitlements and account details into our new Experience Site.



A useful solution for every company

Every company wants their customers to be able to find the information they need, as easily as possible. 

Whether this is purely payment information, building a knowledge base for technical self service, case logging or appointment planning, Salesforce Experience Cloud has got you covered. Or maybe you don’t need to inform your customer, but you want to collaborate with partners on joint leads. External partners can submit leads straight into your Salesforce environment without mailing or complex application synchronizations. How cool is that?!

 Do you think that this solution could help your company or do you want more information on available features. Do not hesitate to get in touch here.