MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce, the perfect tool to get a 360° customer view even faster and stronger than ever before. The path to a fully developed customer view is already strongly established with the right foundations of the Salesforce platform. Yet there is still room for improvement as many companies still use different apps alongside Salesforce, such as the internal communication tool Slack or the project management tool Jira to complete that 360° customer view. Integrations with these (and many other) tools require developer resources and logging tickets with your IT team. With MuleSoft Composer you create these data integrations yourself, with clicks, not code. Easily integrate apps and data and improve connected customer experiences without too much effort, sounds great right? 

How it works

MuleSoft Composer is made available in your org through the purchase of an add-on licence from Salesforce. Once you have access, you can start configuring integration tasks. Creating such tasks is done based on Composer Flows with a number of specific standard components that you might already know if you’re familiar with Salesforce Flows:

  • GET: to retrieve records based on criteria
  • IF/ELSE: to define conditions 
  • LOOP: to perform specific actions for each record by looping over a collection of records

In every step of the flow it is possible to view sample data and even to troubleshoot any errors in the flow. Because of the structured layout of the user interface and many help pop-ups of these Composer Flows you can pretty easily build a logical flow. 

More information on exactly how MuleSoft Composer works and how to configure Composer Flows can be found on in the Trail "MuleSoft Composer Basics" and many other available trails. 

Example use cases

The promising composer can be used for a wide range of use cases:

  • Automatically creating Orders in Netsuite based on, for example, ‘Closed Won’ Opportunities in Salesforce
  • Creating Jira tickets based on an incoming Case in Salesforce and simultaneously sending a notification to the service desk via Slack
  • Dynamically creating Leads by adding an extra row with data in a Google Sheet
  • Connecting different Salesforce orgs to bring customer data of different business teams together
  • ...

MuleSoft Composer comes with about 14 out-of-the-box connectors and additional connectors are rolling out monthly.

This great tool has been available since the Salesforce Spring ‘21 Release. You can learn more by clicking on this following link

If you are completely blown away and see a fit with one of your open use cases, do not hesitate to contact us for some more analysis, info and advice on how to implement the MuleSoft Composer.