Hello! My name is Oliver, and for the past six weeks I’ve been doing an internship at Cloud Innovation. In this blog post, I’ll tell you all about why I chose to do my internship here, how it’s been going up to now and how it ties in with my bachelor’s thesis.

How did I get here?

Every student at Howest gets the opportunity to do an eleven-week-long internship during their last semester. Searching for an interesting company seemed like quite an arduous process for some of my classmates, but I myself was one of the first people to secure a spot back in October 2021.

My curiosity for working at Cloud Innovation began when Cloud Innovation’s very own Stijn and Emiel gave a guest lecture at my school in May 2021. We had received classes about Salesforce throughout the semester, and it was exciting to see the possibilities of working with this platform.
I had already dabbled in Salesforce development using Apex a bit thanks to the Trailhead platform, but listening to the guest lecture gave me a sense of assurance that becoming a Salesforce developer & consultant would be a good career choice.

I applied for an internship as soon as my fifth semester started, and a few days after doing an in-person interview, I received confirmation that I could start here in February 2022.

My life as an intern

My first day began with a tour of the office, and a whole bunch of information about how Cloud Innovation operates and what platforms / software / etc. are used. Admittedly, it was a lot to wrap my head around, but I instantly felt welcomed as soon as I entered the office.

I spent the first two weeks of my internship working through the onboarding trailmix on Trailhead. I learned about Salesforce administration, Apex & Lightning development, as well as general concepts related to agile development and user interaction. After this, I started receiving cases from my internship mentor. He guided me through writing code and configuring Salesforce for clients, teaching me some best practices along the way, while also letting me try things out myself first and then evaluating them.

It’s been quite a fun internship up to this point. The work I’ve done has been varied, challenging and educational. I’m glad I can count on my mentor and the rest of my colleagues for guidance whenever needed.


CRM Analytics and my thesis

Before beginning my internship, I had a little discussion with my mentor about the topic of my bachelor’s thesis. I received a lot of nice suggestions related to Salesforce and associated services, including the topic of CRM Analytics (formerly known as Tableau CRM), Salesforce’s BI tool. 

In the past, I had already used the Tableau desktop app once to visually analyse a dataset from a fictional real estate company to gain insights about their sales. I found that to be quite fun and interesting, so I was curious about writing my thesis on the topic of CRM Analytics.  Luckily, Cloud Innovation has built up expertise around this topic as some of their clients use CRM Analytics to analyse their data, or are interested in implementing it. During my fourth and fifth week of the internship, I spent a lot of time learning about CRM Analytics on Trailhead and helping out with some cases related to it. 

I’ve decided to write my thesis about the process of importing, cleaning and transforming datasets in CRM Analytics. My original plan was to conduct an overarching research on the general capabilities of CRM Analytics in its current state, but after gaining some more insight into the tool, I realized that it would be more interesting to dive deeper into the beginning of CRM Analytics’ implementation since a good foundation is vital when working with data.

Looking forward

I’m writing this blog post after returning from my two-week Easter holiday. I’m glad to be back in the office to resume my internship and continue working with the fantastic people at Cloud Innovation. I’ve got a lot of work to do with regard to my thesis, so the next four to five weeks will be a real challenge, but I’m excited and confident that I’ll manage!

That’s about it for now, I’d like to thank everyone at Cloud Innovation for giving me this opportunity and for guiding me along the way

 If you’re interested in applying for an internship or a full-time job yourself, don’t hesitate to contact jobs@cloudinnovation.be!