What I’ve learned and loved along the way

Hi, my name is Floris and my Salesforce story started around 5 years ago as I was working for a company that used Salesforce as their CRM tool. After some research I was quickly convinced to make a career switch. Since that moment I never looked back and so my journey as Salesforce Consultant and Project Manager began. In this brief blogpost I will share what I’ve learned and loved along the way.

The importance of continuous learning

To succeed as a PM you should focus on the people, process and technology and apply this to the environment you are working in.
Salesforce has been named the most innovative company for many years and has 3 releases a year, it’s important to keep pace. Using Trailhead, the learning platform from Salesforce, is key to keep up with the latest technology and to build up your skills. At Cloud Innovation we are committed to share our knowledge. Our consultants are not outsourced so this is not limited to the project team, instead we all help each other out. On company level we organise on a regular basis knowledge sharing sessions. All of this definitely helps delivering state of the art applications using the latest technology and best practices. 

By all means, get your hands dirty. As a PM you should know what can be done with the use of standard Salesforce functionality, point & click configuration and code. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot write a single line of code but at least you should know what is possible. This ability will definitely help you translate the customer requirements to the Salesforce platform and the team. 

Get to know your customer

Process is key, which means that you should try to understand the customer’s processes better than they do. Don’t be afraid to challenge the status-quo, take the opportunity together with the customer to identify what can be done better. This is not done through a 6 month analysis period. Today’s businesses need to deal with a fast-changing environment and an increased customer focus which means that there is also the reality of an uncertain and fast-changing scope. At Cloud Innovation we have an agile mindset, whereby continuous feedback and a data-driven decision process are central. 

The success of a project

When translating to the Salesforce platform, focus on value and adoption. Go-lives are no longer success metrics for projects. At Cloud Innovation we focus on Customer Success already early on in the project. We are convinced this is a team effort. Involve the various key users already early on in the project by coaching and training them. It is not enough to explain them what has changed during a one-time training. It’s our mission to make sure that our customers are successfully adopting & using the Salesforce platform.

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