The newest release for your Salesforce org is just around the corner and we already took a quick look at the new features that will automatically be available on the 14th of October. We are too excited not to share them with you, so here are our top 5 items we can’t wait for. 

1. Access the Recycle Bin in Lightning Experience

You used to switch to Classic in order to access the recycle bin. But no longer! With this new release the recycle bin will be made available in Lightning Experience as a tab in the navigation bar where you can view, restore, and permanently delete items from your org. 

2. Count unique values in Reports

By using a unique count in your report, you can now see how many distinct values your report returns. For example, you may have experienced that an opportunity report shows multiple opportunities from the same account. By adding a unique count to the Account field you can see how many individual Account values appear in the report.

3. Availability view in Salesforce Calendar

The new availability view in Calendar helps you see who is available for a certain event. You no longer have to switch to Classic to get this overview. By setting up users lists you can add multiple users to your calendar view. 

4. Signature in email-template

Email template creators will have the ability to add a sender’s existing signature to the email template. The field is available wherever the merge field picker exists, including in emails, list emails and enhanced letterheads. 

5. New Mobile Salesforce App 

There is a new enhanced Mobile App on its way. Administrators will have more power to create mobile experiences and increase mobile efficiency. This new mobile experience will be immediately available, so you can start whenever you want. The mobile Quickstart will be your guide to help you with transitioning to the mobile app. 

These 5 new features are only the tip of the new release iceberg. There is so much more coming up. Have we made you curious? Check the release notes to learn more about the Winter ‘20 release for your Salesforce org.

 Read the Winter '20 Release Notes here.