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CPG 360 is a powerful Salesforce-based cloud app which is designed for sales managers, sales reps & merchandisers. It helps your company with its on- & off-trade  strategy. CPG 360 helps sales teams do product introductions, place orders, timely discuss promotions & check contractual agreements related to product availability, pricing & usage of promotional material in pubs, gas stations & retail stores to name a few.

The cloud solution keeps them updated and informed while they’re on the road or on location. Your sales reps have instant offline access to information about stores, promotions and purchases.

Plan, execute and close your on- or off-trade visits

  • Help your sales team plan their daily routes or do it for them
  • Set priorities to the retail store or pub that must be visited first with gold, silver and bronze segmentation or any other preferred classification formula
  • The backoffice or sales rep can impose objectives and targets for each Account. This brings structure to each visit & allows for easier reporting
  • Your representatives have quick access to a KPI screen with useful information regarding the store
  • Evaluate the availability, share of shelf, share of SKU and the amount of facings for each product or product family
  • Execute store checks and planogram checks in a very short period of time
  • Plan a follow-up visit

Report on important sales metrics

  • You are able to report on any data captured during the visits
  • Analyze the KPI’s with easy-to-configure dashboards
  • Receive daily reports of each representatives to follow-up on their activity

Benefits for your company

  • It helps you to determine the importance of your customers
  • The effectiveness of your sales team increases considerably
  • More qualitative store visits and better follow-up
  • Continually improve campaigns and promotions with critical in-store insights
  • Insights into capacity planning
  • Visits are automatically scheduled based on a set of customisable profiles. The planning is optimised fully automatically.

CPG 360 allows for integration of various data sharing sources like Nielsen, etc. Furthermore, your team is empowered by the integration of an offline app that synchronises data directly from and to your Salesforce environment.

Key features of the offline app

  • Give your customers a Perfect Store Score
  • Check the KPI metrics
  • Calculate the duration of your retail store visit on the basis of your check-in and check out time
  • Generate a PDF after writing down an order, with an online signature included
  • Work from anywhere, even offline, with all your data available
  • Take proof of performance, for which the pictures are stored in Salesforce
  • Live route planner with traffic information
  • Natively available for iOS and Android

Tailored to your needs

CPG 360 can be set up in accordance to your own preferences and company’s specific needs.

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